Quick Dish NY: CleftClips Presents TOASTY 2.17 at The Bishop


If you are up for new experiences and that includes experimental comedy, we suggest you get TOASTY this Friday, February 17th at TheBishop Gallery in Brooklyn. Say “bye-bye” to a stage and comedians with set lists. Toasty is far more classy than that. At this event you put on your very best for an intimate cocktail party/reception where several comedians begin doing short comedic toasts among the attendees. That’s right, the comedians walk about picking randos, I mean audience members, to toast. And the fun doesn’t stop there! The occasions and reasons for the toasts keep changing, PLUS those receiving the toasts also change. My head is spinning! To add to the spectacle, there will be music throughout the comedy party, as well as refreshments. Sounds like a proper shingdig to me! So would you like to know the lineup? It’s about time. Behold!

Host Nick Turner (Comedy Central The Half Hour, Late Night)
Jo Firestone (The Tonight Show, Night Train)
Josh Gondelman (Conan, @midnight)
Brett Davis (The Special Without Brett Davis, Comedy Central)
Ana Fabrega (The Special Without Brett Davis, Portlandia)
Clare O’Kane (Flophouse, Riot LA Fest)
Three Busy Debras (Upright Citizens Brigade, Carnegie Hall)

Let’s raise out glasses to this all-toast spectacular presented by CleftClips (the people who bring you The Super Serious Show & Hot Tub with Kurt & Kristen). This will be a engaging night, kids! GO!

Mentions: Doors 8pm. Show 8:30pm. Get Toasty tix HERE! **COCKTAIL ATTIRE REQUESTED** The Bishop Gallery is located at 916 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11205 (in the Bed-Stuy/Clinton Hill area).