Tasty News: WAYNE FEDERMAN Discusses “Crumb” on This Week’s The SUP DOC Podcast

Tasty News: WAYNE FEDERMAN Discusses “Crumb” on This Week’s The SUP DOC Podcast
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What better way to start off your The SUP DOC PODCAST journey than listening to guest WAYNE FEDERMAN talk about Terry Zwigoff’s 1995 documentary about the controversial cartoonist Crumb. Every week comedians Paco Romane (Drunk History) and George Chen (HBO’s Looking) bring you engaging Sup Doc guests (comedians, filmmakers, musicians, actors and writers) that hand-pick the featured documentary. The final product is always informative and super entertaining. Formers guests have included documentary directors like Rodney Ascher (Room 237, The Nightmare), Matt Ornstein (Accidental Courtesy), and Marjorie Sturm (The Cult of JT LeRoy); rad comedians like Todd Glass, Esther Ku, and Josh Fadem; musicians like YACHT, Wimps, and Dan Deacon ; writers such as Adam Mansbach (Go The F*ck To Sleep), Sam McPheeters, and Beth Lisick; and even media personalities like Jesse Thorn (Bullseye, Maximum Fun) and Veronica Belmont (Sword and Laser). Talk about an eclectic bunch!

Now more about this week’s episode. Crumb, 9 years in the making, is about the troubled background and enduring career of underground comix godfather Robert Crumb aka R. Crumb (Fritz The Cat, Mr. Natural, The Book Of Genesis). All the cool kids were talking about Fritz back in the day. Federman finds Zwigoff’s documentary Crumb unique because “Unlike most documentaries which are usually about one thing, this is about genius, commerce, luck, father-son stuff, sibling rivalry stuff, drug abuse… fame.” I’m so in! As for Federman, what’s not to say. He is a comedian, writer, actor, and has been known to tickle the ivories. You might have seen him in works like The X-Files, Step Brothers, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, and Community. His 2015 Chronicles of Federman album is a compilation of over three decades of standup on ASpecialThing Records and he co-hosts the Human Conversation podcast with Erin McGathy (Feral Audio). If you’re like me, you really admire his comedic and musical work with the crew of Never Not Funny. Listen to Federman get into Crumb, as well as reveal his birth cert name and more in this fascinating episode. Enjoy the full podcast below!

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