Tasty News: Watch CHRIS FLEMING’s Hour-Long Standup Special SHOWPIG on Facebook

For the astounding price of ZERO dollars, you can now watch the androgynous comedian and chameleon CHRIS FLEMING’s hour-long standup special SHOWPIG now streaming on Facebook. Taped live on December 21st at Thalia Hall in Chicago, the show was watched live by 20,000 fellow fans and is tallying up views at a blinding pace. Fleming’s high energy, quick-witted performance will have you rolling off your sofa in the best way possible. During the performance, Chris covers a wide range of topics in his physically fluid style, including polyamory, fitness couples, bats, yes I said bats, and heaps more. Watch SHOWPIG today before it goes poof in the night. DO IT!

Chris Fleming Live from Thalia Hall in Chicago

my one hour Showpig live

Posted by Chris Fleming on Tuesday, December 26, 2017

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