Quick Dish NY: HER POINT of VIEW NETWORK 5.5. at the Brooklyn Comedy Collective

HPV: Her Point of View Network (see, you already giggling) will be throwing it’s inaugural show at Brooklyn Comedy Collective, directed by Amanda Xeller, on Saturday, May 5th. The sketch show, written and performed by Brooklyn’s most hilarious female and queer performers, follows a feminist TV network that’s just booted all of it’s cis-straight dudes and tries their best to please their parent company, MBC. The show features a recurring cast of characters who are in deep with the “trials and tribulations of commercialized feminism:”

Emma Rogers (Emma’s Damn Good Rogering @ Pete’s Candy Store, The PA Stays In The Picture)
Heather Harrison (Extra Funny, Annoyance NY, Brooklyn Comedy Collective)
Jessika Stocker (Annoyance NY, Second City Conservatory Program, Charleston Comedy Festival)
Lee’at Bruhl (2 Girls, 1 Brooklyn, The People’s Improv Theater)
Marybess Pritchett (Annoyance NY, The Special Without Brett Davis, Generous Laughs)
Pat Dooley (I Don’t Think So Honey, Lake Homo High, “Gotham” TV Series)
Sarah Silbert
Shannon Kintner (Did Satan Give Up?, Annoyance NY)
Tim Kov (RUDE, The Kraine Theater)

The show is produced by D. Arthur and Heather Harrison and promises a “30 Rock meets Girls” dose of satire and heart. Won’t you join in the all-in progressive fun!

Mentions: Show 11p. $5. Brooklyn Comedy Collective @ The Brick Theatre is located at 579 Metropolitan Ave, Williamsburg NY.