Quick Dish NY: Get Educated with SLOSHED SATs 11.17 at Caveat

You know what might be the scariest thing of all in a young person’s life? THE SATs! Deciding your academic future with one hair-raising exam seems the tiniest bit overwhelming and stress-inducing, but fear not! Getting into uni isn’t everything (consult bios on wealthy entrepreneurs who dropped out). There are alternative SATs to be enjoyed in abundance! Saturday, November 17th at Caveat, have those number 2 pencils sharpened because it’s SLOSHED SATs afternoon! The good proctor Michael Wolf (Comedy Central, MTV, OSFUG) will bring you a bibulous event where bar-room trivia is combined with honest to goodness, real SAT quizzes. Whether you are waxing nostalgic or getting pumped for the real thing, this much improved version of standardized testing is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Your guests for the evening will include


Can you think of something more entertaining? We can’t, so GO!

Mentions: Doors 3:30pm, show 4pm. Buy tickets $8 advanced, $10 at the door. 21+. Caveat is located at 21 A Clinton Street, Manhattan, 212-228-2100.