Quick Dish NY: Be Your Authentic Self Online with Mark Vigeant and Guest BILL WURTZ Tomorrow at INTERNET EXPLORERS


You just know your LOL funboi and Code Lord is reaching Mountain Dew levels of excitement as he is about to present to you an evening with BILL WURTZ! TOMORROW at Caveat, the esteemed INTERNET EXPLORERS guest will join your unmatched shoe adorned host, Mark Vigeant, to discuss what goes into truly being authentic on the Internet. So what does that mean? It MEANS being the genuine article in 1s and 0s, like a Miranda Sings or a Poppy, right? Gosh knows, you ain’t mixing up them two. In addition to this Internet creator live streamed tête-à-tête, Bill will do live video commentary on his favorite videos, AND preside over the very first BILL WURTZ HACKATHON, where comedians, artists, and programmers will offer up works inspired by Bill’s surreal catalog. As usual, Mark will be joined by his sidekick Sam Reece (Comedy Central) with musical accompaniment Darren Solomon. Now Hope You Have A Good Day!

Last seen on Internet Explorers

Mentions: Doors at 9:00pmShow at 9:30pm. Tickets HERE. Caveat is located at 21 A Clinton Street, Manhattan. Images taken by Carly Hoogendyk. Also catch the show internet live on Twitch.