Tasty News: Out Now The Perfect Accompaniment to Parenting in A Pandemic – NICOLE BLAINE’S “Life’s A Bit” Stand-Up Comedy Special


In these times, it’s hard enough keeping your head on straight quarantined with needy fur babies. *Insert necessary eye roll here* If you are normally tasked with trying to rear growing, non-feral humans, it’s seems a recipe for disaster when you are forced to engage those tiny creatures 24/7. FEAR NOT, my parent friends, for NICOLE BLAINE (Virgin Sacrifice, The International FringeNYC Festival, HBO’s Women in Comedy) has come to the rescue with a new stand-up comedy special that’s the perfect stress reliever to any care giver (or dark humor lover). “Life’s A Bit” caters to all those parents looking for a “Frozen 2” alternative during the late night hours those pint-sized soul suckers have been finally summoned to their slumber chambers. There may be a bit of soundproofing in order due to the unabashed truth bombs and spicy language in the set, but if the tiny ones happen to hear an expletive or two, would it really be any different from a normal day in the <insert name> home? The answer is NO.

Life’s A Bit harnesses the sensibilities of an “Im Sorry” episode punctuated with Blaine’s clever Drunk History-inspired stand-up special re-enactments in which her actual children and husband play themselves. Blaine’s brutally direct approach to humor concerning life and motherhood is refreshingly compelling and most needed in these stressful times. I found myself most particularly drawn to the tales of poo harboring, laws of distraction, the crossing the street game, and losing that precious first baby tooth. However, my most favorite story of the realities of motherhood was Blaine’s explanation of the birthing process which, word to the wary, is shuddering in it’s accuracy, bold with it’s truth, and both hilarious and brilliant in it’s execution. If there’s list of good things that can come from this pandemic, please special a top bullet point. Happy watching!

Mentions: Check out “Life’s A Bit” on Amazon Prime, iTunes and other outlets. This special was filmed at the Westside Comedy Theater. More about Blaine HERE.