Tasty News: Go BONANAS for BONANZA with A New Earwolf Podcast ft Maria Bamford, Andy Daly and Matt Gourley

Cowboy poet extraordinaire, Dalton Wilcox, first did a pilot “The Wit and Wisdom of the West” podcast in 2014. Four years later he came up with an idea to watch ALL the episodes of Bonanza and then put together a companion watch-along franchise podcast with an elongated, edible fruit based name. Sure, he chose am American western TV series that’s been off the air longer then you’ve been alive, but, in a pandemic, does time really matter? NOW OUT on Earwolf (after much pleading and harassing), the regular podcast that nobody thought would ever see the light of day has sprung from the ashes like a Phoenix.

Immerse yourself in the first ever podcast to be picked up to series from the Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project (after a possible hostage situation). Climb aboard this rootin’ tootin,’ never before heard podcast hosted by the esteemed Andy Daly and Matt Gourley, featuring Dalton and his co-hosts, country music legend Mutt Taylor (Matt Gourley) and “Biblical home and garden accessories entrepreneur and Bonanza superfan” Amy Sleeverson (Maria Bamford). They will welcome special guests each week for an illuminating dive into an episode of series that, in Dalton’s words, “did more to teach people about the western lifestyle than anything else until me and my poems and stories came along.” Enjoy the first episode of BONANAS for BONANZA with guest Mano Adapion now!

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