Quick Dish Quarantine: The Armory Comedy’s SHOT 4 SHOT Plays Around with “The Sandlot” and “Frozen 2” This Weekend

Quick Dish Quarantine: The Armory Comedy’s SHOT 4 SHOT Plays Around with “The Sandlot” and “Frozen 2” This Weekend
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The Armory Comedy has for you two amazing Shot4Show shows this weekend. Was that English? Let’s just go with it. This Friday, September 25th they will bring Shot 4 Shot The Sandlot and Shot 4 Shot Frozen 2 on Saturday, September 26th. Shot4Shot is a drinking game with a movie problem where actors are blind cast and a script is doled out the same day of the performance. Drinking rules get established and sooner than you can say “Cheers!,” the games begin. Have a looksie at the cast lists below and request access to the streamed show below. Enjoy!

“Sandlot” CAST

Drink Ref/Stage Directions… Frank Hoffman
Narrator/Scott Smalls… Nick Carrillo
Benny Rodriguez… Christine Pineiro
Squints… Langston Belton
Yeah Yeah… Amelia Morgan
Ham… Leah Evans
Timmy Timmons… Sonia Nam
Tommy ‘Repeat’ Timmons … Kathryn Fabbroni
Bertram Grover Weeks… Elizabeth Phillips
DeNunez… Aaron LaRoche
The Babe/Lifeguard/Old Timey Movie 2… Alyson Cripps
Bill/Phillips… Matt Caron
Mom/Mr. Mertle/Girl… Tricia Andrew
The Beast/Wendy/Old Timey Movie… Marcus Haugen

“Frozen 2” CAST

Stage Directions/Drink Ref/Sven… Audrey Marie Sprouse
Elsa… Andrew Fitch
Anna… Melissa Parker Caron
Kristoff… Leah Evans
Olaf… Jerry Burgos
Mattias/Pabbie… Joe Miles
Iduna/Young Iduna/Voice/Reindeer/Servant/Townspeople/Snowmen/Soldier… Heather Jewels Booth
Agnarr/Young Agnarr/Fire Gecko/Reindeer/Townsperson/Marshmallow… Pedro Lee
Yelena/Townspeople/Prince Hans/Halima/Snowmen… Shamarah Hernandez
Honeymaren/Young Anna/Townspeople/Snowmen/Northuldra Leader… Dennis Pacheco
Ryder/Water Spirit Horse Nok/Runeard/Townspeople/Snowmen/Announcer… Marissa Stuart
Young Elsa/Samantha (the breeze) aka “Gale”/Reindeer/Townspeople/Troll 1/Snowmen/1st Officer… Jack Rokicki

Mentions: Email to get on the online guest list for each show. Follow The Armory on Instagram.

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