Quick Dish Quarantine: Catch BOOGIEMANJA 10.9 on Twitch ft PLANT MOMS and DENIS

Quick Dish Quarantine: Catch BOOGIEMANJA 10.9 on Twitch ft PLANT MOMS and DENIS
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If you are at the point of teaching yourself how to solve a Rubik’s Cube, may we suggest an alternate form of entertainment? This Friday, October 9th, on Twitch, BoogieManja is back with its “experimental monster” brand of “exciting, fast-paced original sketch comedy!” Two teams have a half-hour to each deliver a generous serving of laugh-inducing creativity to the internet masses. Your cast of contributors will include:

The Denise sketch team of Director Luke Burns, Writers

Katie Hoffman
Chris Zalis
David Saliterman
Reva Grimball
& Actors
Gina Mingione
Alexandra Sobrino
Marisa Brau-Reyes
Celey Schumer
Ian Dyer
Nicole Adsit

The Plant Moms sketch team of Director Chloe Koser, Writers

Larry-Sass Ainsworth
Steph Piperis
Lisa Cheong
Alysa Lechner
Sara Detrik
& Actors
Octavia Kohner
Nick Pearl
Michael Newman
Blaise Vacca
Aleca Piper
Kevin Necciai

comedy show

Your talented writers have contributed to The New YorkerReductressAbove AverageThe Hairpin, & The Onion, while your gifted actors have been featured on programs and networks like Jessica JonesDaredevilCollege Humor, IFC, ESPN, NPR, and BET. Don’t miss this chance to check out the Peoples Improv Theater’s premiere sketch comedy collective! Just think, now you won’t have to admit you went to 3-D puzzle camp!

Mentions: Show 9pm. Facebook info HERE. Stream on Follow BoogieManja on Instagram. Read more about BoogieManja on Comedy Cake.