Video Licks: The Riveting Conclusion of Folding A Map

Video Licks: The Riveting Conclusion of <em>Folding A Map</em>
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The first episode of Folding A Map made it’s debut on April Fools’ Days. Many thought it was simple a one time joke, but we’re now at the SIXTH and final episode of the season. In this ultimate battle our protagonist can almost taste victory. Will he conquer his pulpy nemesis? Will he be disrupted by greater forces? Can man ever really have dominion over machine-created objects? Find out NOW!

If you are not humming the Folding A Map tune randomly from now on, you didn’t pay attention.

Folding A Map’s mastermind is Bridger Winegar (Jimmy Kimmel LIVE). The video also features comedian Matt Ingebretson.

Mentions: Watch the rest of season one HERE. You may be interested in the recipe that was included in the credits of episode six. Yummy!

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