Video Licks: ‘We Have To Move’ Is One Hilarious Apartment Hunting Adventure

Video Licks: ‘We Have To Move’ Is One Hilarious Apartment Hunting Adventure
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Apartment hunting is the worst, but I bet you’ll feel a lot better about it once you see this web series. From the minds of The Onion contributor Daniel Shar and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt writer Marlena Rodriguez (who also star in the series), We Have To Move follows a quaint Chicago couple as they Craigslist search in vain for the apartment of their dreams. The only problem is each place they check out seems 10 times worst than the place before it (There’s probably a reason you can spell “hate” with the letters in “apartment hunting.”) Did I mention looking for an apartment blows? Enjoy the six-episode series this instant! Presto!

WHTM E1: Must-See Apartment – Seeing is believing.


WHTM E2: Mobile Home – This landlord actually lives in a van on the street. Yikes!


WHTM E3: Where The Magic Happens – Sorcio’s magical apartment is almost too good to pass up.


WHTM E4: Live For Free – Just how far will Dan & Marlena go for rent-free accommodations?


WHTM E5: Along Came Jordan – Jordan, the roommate, joins in on the apartment search.


WHTM E6: Location, Location, Location – Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?


Mentions: Check out more creations from Daniel Shar and Marlena Rodriguez in your free time. Happy weekend!

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