Video Licks: S**t You’ve Done in An Uber

Video Licks: S**t You’ve Done in An Uber
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How did we ever live without UBER? No clue. It’s the best service since Pink Dot delivery. Don’t be aging me! The only problem is that not everyone is always at their best behavior inside that transport vehicle. Some of us (I’m not naming names) like to be back seat drivers, start the party waaaay too early, and even resort to banned behavior. Don’t be denying it. Watch this video and feel ALL the guilty while you chuckle. Enjoy S**t You’ve Done in an Uber!

This sketch was written and directed by Danielle Shapira and Matt Sweeney. It stars Ester Steinberg, Cody Kennedy, Beatrice Hernandez, Marguerite Insolia, Parker Seaman, Wes Schlagenhauf, Stephen Phelan, Hanoch Serebrenik, and Karen Fensterstock.

Mentions: Wasn’t that “UBER” funny?! I couldn’t help myself! Watch more Whelmed Productions vids HERE.

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