Video Licks: Watch AWFUL TERRIBLE LIZARDS, A Dinosaur Comedy with Bite

Video Licks: Watch AWFUL TERRIBLE LIZARDS, A Dinosaur Comedy with Bite
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So what if those giant prehistoric creatures we fondly refer to as dinosaurs had to adapt to a human society? Creators of the live action dinosaur comedy AWFUL TERRIBLE LIZARDS answer that question in the most creative and engaging way possible. The series, written by UCB talents Lindsay-Elizabeth Hand and Alex Estrada, has garnered so much attention it’s be green-lighted for 13 new episodes coming this December. Wait, let’s not get ahead of ourselves! So how much trouble can some uncongenial dinosaurs get into? Well, seeing as their new New York City home is already pretty inhospitable to it’s fleshy inhabitants, it’s not too surprising that this scaly bunch find themselves in an awkward situation or two. But enough of my spiel! Get to know Rex and Ali this minute! (WARNING: Adult content)

ATL: Ali Gets a Man – Ali has nabbed herself a gent and she’s not letting him get away.

ATL: Rex & Ali Hunt For An Apartment – Dinosaurs are just as particular about where they want to live as we are.

ATL: The Dinos Take a Road Trip – Rex and Ali discuss a lost cell phone and more on the way to a funeral.

ATL: Ali Switches Teams – Ali decides to give the fairer sex a try.

ATL: Cold Bloods – “The world is a vampire.”

Awful Terrible Lizards is brought to you by Edge In Motion and Mystic Row Productions. The cast features Stephen McCarthy, Darius Anthony Harper, and Andrew Lipson. ATL is directed by Andrea Kfoury.

Mentions: Check back HERE in December for all new episodes.

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