Quick Dish: Buy Mike Burns’ “Power Moves” TODAY

Quick Dish: Buy Mike Burns’ “Power Moves” TODAY
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@DadBoner, @pizzanachos69, Karl Welzein, whatever he goes by, Mike Burns exudes cool. Honestly, it can be a little difficult to find this caliber of awesomeness in one dude but there’s just gotta be a needle in this haystack we call life, right? Remember, this is the comedian who can turn his own stabbing into one of the most hilarious stories I’ve ever heard (Echo Park can be rough sometimes, kids). In addition to Mike’s stand-up and a podcasting career, you can now label him AUTHOR. “Power Moves: Livin’ The American Dream, USA-style” is the fully developed tale of Karl Welzein, inspired by the @DadBoner Twitterfeed. Just some of the topics this Midwest Everyman explores includes fitness, diet, fashion, work, and the weekend. So go grab yourself a gatorpagne and enjoy some good old-fashioned American reading.

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