Tasty News: Congrats to LA’s Brooks Wheelan

Tasty News: Congrats to LA’s Brooks Wheelan
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I was pleased as punch to learn that comedian Brooks Wheelan was hired to write for SNL this fall. There is no doubt he’ll take NYC by the reigns and ride off into the sunset. Brooks was not only one of Comedy Central’s 10 Comics to Watch in 2012 and College Humor contributor BUT one of the creators/hosts of the best science meets comedy podcasts around Probably Science. So how do we know Brooks is prepared to handle NYC?

His ability to pull off jean shorts with complete class?

Cut off jean shorts for football

Instagram nature shots?

Tell Nature Who Boss Is

Instagram beach shots?

What Its Like to Be a Babe

The ability to morph into Prince instantaneously?

Brooks as Prince

His employment stories?

New York Comedy Festival
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Hanging out with this dude?

Brooks & Eric Andre

And this dude?

Brooks & Mike Burns

Yeah, Brooks Wheelan is beyond ready. America, watch out!

Mentions: Follow Brooks on Twitter and DO NOT MISS SNL this fall.

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