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Quick Dish LA: Don’t Miss ‘Camera Roll LIVE’ 2.20 at UCB Sunset

Quick Dish LA: Don’t Miss ‘Camera Roll LIVE’ 2.20 at UCB Sunset
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Let’s face it, you could never go without your phone for even a minute. Perish the thought! And what would you do without those selfies? Waste away! Since we are all so obsessed by those glowing, info-exchanging, soul-capturing devices, why not incorporate them into a comedy show. Monday, February 20th at UCB Sunset comedians bring you comedy based on only the photos that innocently reside on their phones. (I hope they are deleting the compromising ones!) During this comedy game show, known as Camera Roll LIVE, comedians must use their wits during several rounds in which the host, Brad Silnutzer, will pull a prompt card from a deck revealing the topic the comedy contestants must match with photos to score points within the allotted time. I’m tired just typing that. This month’s Camera Roll LIVE features these comedians facing imminent mockery:

Brody Stevens
Calise Hawkins
Howard Kremer
Jenny Zigrino

Will the comic’s photo choices be rewarded? Find out next Monday!

Mentions: Show 8:30pm. Buy Camera Roll LIVE tix HERE! UCB Sunset is located at 5419 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles.

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