Video Licks: “Getting The Actors Off” from The OSCARS Show

Video Licks: “Getting The Actors Off” from The OSCARS Show
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The 89th Annual Academy Awards are this weekend, so you know what that means? More of those excruciatingly long acceptance speeches from the many, many award winners. Sunday night you’ll get an earful from the victors, but one group that may fall under the radar that evening is the musicians playing these long-winded victors off the stage. In this sketch from the UCBT Maude Team Choir (Chelsea) we get a good idea of what’s required Getting the Actors Off. Enjoy! (WARNING: NSFW for obvious non-musical reasons.)

The sketch was written by written by Michael Romanos, directed by Steve Ward, and edited by Douglas Widick. The cast includes Desi Domo, Matt Rogers, Douglas Widick, and Sarah Grace Welbourn.

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