Video Licks: NEVER SAD Presents “Black HQ Trivia”

Video Licks: NEVER SAD Presents “Black HQ Trivia”
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You know you’re not a millennial when you’ve never heard of the HQ Trivia app. Yes, I know I’m ready to go out to pasture, kids. Now that we’re all up to speed, it’s time to educate the unsavvy among us. HQ was developed by the creators of Vine. The live game show features a host asking a series of increasingly difficult multiple choice questions, with three possible answers. Players who get the question correct move on to the next round and those that answer all the questions correctly end up with that sweet prize money. Seems simple, right? Well, gang, NEVER SAD has introduced a new version of the game called Black HQ Trivia, “the only game show where you might not get your money.” Watch as your host @BlackSajak challenges a group of friends in New York. Enjoy!

NEVER SAD is comedy by Jed Feiman & Nehemiah Markos.

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