Icing: We Talked to CAITLIN BARLOW About Season Three of TV Land’s TEACHERS

Icing: We Talked to CAITLIN BARLOW About Season Three of TV Land’s TEACHERS
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Who is enjoying the new season of TV Land’s TEACHERS series? Raise your hands high! Of course, I don’t need a poll to tell me SEASON THREE is off to a hilarious, running start. With Ms. Feldman gone, Ms. Adler’s trailer takeover, Ms. Snap’s anti-selfie campaign, Ms. Cannon’s driving dilemma, Ms. Watson’s financial crisis, Ms. Bennigan in the throws of a steamy “Hot Dad” relationship, Ms. Adler romanced by a tot with a pregnancy fetish, and a school lice outbreak, you just can’t stop this comedy bullet train. We talked with TeachersCaitlin Barlow, who plays art teacher Cecilia Cannon on the show, about that epic “Walking Dead” lice episode, what we can look forward to in upcoming episodes, and we try our best to find out if Feldman is REALLY internationally gone forever. Enjoy!

Caitlin Barlow as Ms. Cannon on TV Land’s “Teachers” (image courtesy of TV Land)

CAKE: I have to start off with that “Of Lice & Men” episode. What was the audience reaction to the episode?

CAITLIN BARLOW: The audience reaction has been great! A lot of teachers have responded saying that they have felt the same level of panic as the characters when there’s a lice outbreak at their schools. It is really disgusting. On top of low pay and long hours working in a job that gets disrespected by the government you have to worry about vermin infestations. Yuck!

CAKE: Who is the most die-hard “Walking Dead” fan among The Katydids? Was adding a TWD cameo of perhaps a Rick, Michonne or Daryl character ever on the table?

CB: Kate Lambert and Katie Thomas are the two most die hard fans of the show. I’m not sure if adding those cameos was on the table because I was on maternity leave for most of the time that script was being written. But that’s a good idea!

CAKE: Is there a personal school lice outbreak experience in particular that inspired the “Of Lice & Men” episode?

CB: We had a ton of teachers over the years write to us on social media asking us to do an episode about a lice outbreak. We’ve been trying to make it work since season one but it wasn’t until we found the Walking Dead parody that we could make it work.

CAKE: What can educational insanity can we look forward to in the upcoming episode?

CB: We will see Deb Adler join a mommy group and deal with the judgement that comes from other moms. Ms. Watson starts to sell cosmetics at the school as a side hustle and Ms. Bennigan gets in the middle of two warring parents.

CAKE: Will we ever see Feldman again?

CB: Ms. Feldman has found a new life in Amsterdam and will not be returning to Fillmore Elementary. We wish her well : )

CAKE: Did any of the writers or cast ever have a teaching gig before getting into TV?

CB: Yes, I was a fourth grade teacher in Chicago. A lot of the stories we’ve done over the years have been based on my experiences. It’s important to me that the show stays grounded in the reality of teaching.

CAKE: What would be the hardest thing to adjust to if you were a teacher now?

CB: It would be difficult for me to have to censor myself again. At my job I am allowed to have the mouth of a sailor and make off color jokes, ect. It would be a tough adjustment to go back to having to have a more proper persona at work.

CAKE: How do you come to a consensus on story ideas?

CB: The Katydids have been working together for a long time so we’ve worked out a system where first we talk about an idea for a while, but if we can’t come to a consensus on something we just do a vote. It’s easier that way and no one takes anything personally. We know that we all have the same goal: to make the show as good as possible. So even if I disagree with someone I know they have good intentions.

CAKE: What other all-women comedy teams do you admire? Are there any up and coming improvisers whose careers you’ve been following?

CB: As sound sad as this sounds I don’t know of too many other all female comedy teams. I admire a lot of female comedians but am struggling to think of a lot of all female comedy groups. I’m not proud of this and I think it’s probably symptomatic of comedy still being a male dominated field. I love supporting up and coming comedians but between working on “Teachers” and having a baby I haven’t been spending too much time at comedy theaters lately. Maybe once this season wraps I’ll get back out there and have a better answer for you : )

CAKE: What are some sage words that have been passed down to you from a teacher?

CB: When I was in second grade I told my teacher that I wanted to play football in the NFL. My teacher, Mrs. Hall, told me that I can do that if I wanted to. Obviously that didn’t happen, but I’ll always remember that she didn’t tell me “no” right away. I think that’s important.

CAKE: What plot revelations can we look forward to this season?

CB: This season we will see a birth, a death and an engagement! You will find out what happens between Ms. Watson and Toby and Hot Dad and Ms. Bennigan. You will see Ms. Snap try to become a better person. The Teachers go on a field trip, try to hunt down a serial killer and do a talent show!

Mentions: Watch Teachers Tuesdays 10:30/9:30C on TV Land. Feature image courtesy of TV Land.

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