Video Licks: AJ Lubecker Presents The Ultimate Male Quandary in “BORN with II”

Video Licks: AJ Lubecker Presents The Ultimate Male Quandary in “BORN with II”
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I thought long and hard (yes, that was purposeful) about how I was going to introduce this new short from
comedian, actor, host, and filmmaker AJ Lubecker. First, I figured it would be funny to point out that it was kismet that I received the video on the same day I’d planned to have kielbasa for dinner. Then, I started thinking about how there’s been plenty of material about third nipples and alien mammaries out there, but not a lot of attention focused on the problem of having an additional male reproductive organ. In fact, the only memorable cinematic work I can recall dealing with the downstairs area, was a horror film about lady parts with savage pearly whites (Frankenpen*s is in it’s own special category). So that brings me to BORN with II. If you were endowed with a second member, but really didn’t want to deal with all the fallout that would go along with the blessing/curse, what would you do? Lubecker has posed this dilemma in his first mumblecore short and, I believe, comedically attacked it in the most honest way possible. From awkward dating to an unsympathetic surgeon, the short manages to cover the major pitfalls to this unwanted gift in a concise 12 minutes. Enjoy and try not to make too many d**k jokes! (WARNING: Adult content, duh.)

The short was written and directed by it’s star Lubecker, co-produced by Aaron Margolin, and features fellow comedian pals Joel Boyd, Aasia Bullock, Brandi Denise, Bill Cruz, and Ross Kelly.

Mentions: More info about AJ HERE.

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