Video Licks: Out Now DANIEL VAN KIRK’S Debut Full Comedy Special “ROSE GOLD” on YouTube

DANIEL VAN KIRK is a stand-up comedian whose comedy has charted at  #1 on Apple Music. He’s been named a “Comic To Watch” by Comedy Central, as well as one of JFL’s 42 in Toronto. You may know him from his characters on Bob’s Burgers (FOX), Physical (Apple TV+), Central Park (Apple TV+), and the lead in the feature film, Wine Club (Prime). Daniel can also be heard every week on the hit podcasts, Pen Pals with partner Rory Scovel, and co-hosting Dumb People Town along with The Sklar Brothers. Of course, you’re not interested in all that. Let’s get to the real MEAT of this post!

Blonde Medicine, Hub City Pictures and Daniel Van Kirk are pleased to announce the release of Daniel’s debut full-length comedy special Rose Gold, out on YouTube NOW. The audio version (Daniel’s sophomore audio full-length) will be available everywhere Friday, May 3. The special details one Midwestern man’s wish to makes folks come together and, hopefully, leaves their disagreements in the Chevy Tahoe. How does that old adage go? You can’t judge a book by it’s cover. Well, Daniel’s debut special aims to bring to the surface the goodness that lies just inside the book jacket.

Through the power of comedic storytelling, Daniel brings to light a treasure trove of experiences and knowledge gleaned from traveling the great US of A. He recounts hilarious tales of wild pool interactions in a true Margaritaville resort in Conroe, Texas, raises legal drinking age questions in Wisconsin, unveils the mysteries of the MEAT raffles in America’s Cancun, brings us life or death encounters in Hawaii, and the wildest Bostonian parking altercation you can imagine (which also conveniently summons the comic’s knack for impersonation). Daniel strings it all together beautifully, with one delayed tale of Big Bear COVID encounter, and ties a bow around it all with how his dear 93 year old nan has managed to stay positive and uplifting despite generational divides.

We are all about getting back to normal with hi-fives, big laughs, and protein dispensed from a van. Enjoy the special!

Mentions: The audio version (Daniel’s sophomore audio full-length) will be available everywhere Friday, May 3. Upcoming comedy dates HERE. Rose Gold on Blonde Medicine. Give Daniel a FOLLOW on IG, F/B, and YT. Feed the beast.