Video Licks: “Oh! Their Story Is Better Than Mine?!” from Creator Colin O’Brien

Hope you had a fabulous weekend! If you had a bunch of friends over for some enthralling conversations, perhaps you found yourself in this situation: You’re celebrating the return of a friend from abroad and all of sudden they proceed MONOPOLIZE the conversation. They go on and on about some documentary film they are making in Cashmere under threat of being captured by a hostile government. Something about an occupation, maybe international incident, blah blah blah. Why isn’t anyone listening to YOUR story about losing the contact in your phone? The nerve! If you’d like to know how this story ends, watch the latest video written/edited/produced by Colin O’Brien and directed by Drew Luster, Oh’ Their Story Is Better Than Mine?!

CAST: Terry – Donald Chang; Friend 1 – Caroline Ulwick; Friend 2 – Joe Miles; Friend 3 – Jared Bronen & Colin – Colin O’Brien

Everyone has a story to tell!

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