Video Licks: When Saying ‘I DO’ Is Harder Than It Seems

Video Licks: When Saying ‘I DO’ Is Harder Than It Seems
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So what’s a fall wedding like in Los Angeles? Well, right this moment the weather is surprisingly pleasant (all that devastating wind), but I wouldn’t breathe in too deeply (all that horrible fire). If you do plan to get hitched to that person in the fancy attire next to you this season I would suggest being 100% sure about it. Enjoy this video on the matter of saying I DO, written and directed by Carmen Kartini Rohde. It puts a whole new perspective on those two little words. Also, I suggest staying away from cliffs.

The cast includes Catherine Kaine, Robert Jordan, Oral Ellis, Darryl DeLaney, Carmen Kartini Rohde, Aaron LaMarr Burleson, Lee H. Page, Teri Jo Rask, Daniel Clebanoff, Kylo, Sage, & Dusty. The video was edited by Malcolm King & Carmen Kartini Rohde, and produced by Carmen Kartini Rohde, Catherine Kaine, & Aaron LaMarr Burleson.

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