Quick Dish NY: PERSONALITY TEST Character Show Tonight at Lucky Jack’s

Quick Dish NY: PERSONALITY TEST Character Show Tonight at Lucky Jack’s
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Did you know that back in the 18th and 19th centuries folks were assessing personality based on bumps on the skull and how look of your mug? We’ve somewhat advanced in our assessments since then, but there’s one thing we can definitely count on and that is that the PERSONALITY TEST is still hella fun! TONIGHT, come see your favorite comedians test their best character personalities in front of a LIVE audience. The world is their oyster and YOU only benefit from the performances. The bill will include:

Elena Skopetos (UCBT Characters Welcome, The Executives, Sisters Three, ADX)
Matt Clevy (The Dad, Netflix)
Amanda Xeller (Magnet Theater – Ringers and Moxie, The Friendship Comedy Collective)
Kate Robards Carolines, Broadway Comedy Club, Dangerfield’s and HBO Latino)
Glo Tavarez (UCB Lloyd and second best dnd podcast)
Tai LeClaire (UCB theatre – Characters Welcome)
Jessica Henderson (We Will Slay)
Chloe Patterson (We Will Slay, improv team – Trash)

brought to you by

Lauzie Len (Not Killing It, Sketch Teams – Fine Oak, Pretty Kitties, Personality Test co-producer) &
Izzy Stanish (Jane Don’t and Gym Crush, Sketch – Gingham, Personality Test co-producder)

Don’t miss this hour character comedy based show tonight at Lucky Jack’s on Lower East Side!

Mentions: Show 7:30pm. FREE!!! No drink mins and bring as many people as you like. Lucky Jack’s basement is located at 129 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002.

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