Quick Dish NY: SHOT4SHOT Presents ‘Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’s Stone’ 1.25 at Improv Asylum

Quick Dish NY: SHOT4SHOT Presents ‘Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’s Stone’ 1.25 at Improv Asylum
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The film Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone came out n 1997. Ooof that’s 23 years ago! The world has certainly changed since then (yes, we’re long past actors reaching puberty), and that’s ALL the more reason to take on this franchise with SHOT4SHOT in 2020! If you are unfamiliar, Shot4Shot is “an immersive, nonstop, hilarious ride through your favorite movies. Mostly scripted and partially improvised actors are cast regardless of what the role calls for and presents their own take. Scripts are handed out day of, drinking rules rolled out, and fun is had.” And this time they get to wear floppy hats and use magic wands! Get out your Butterbeers ready for a night including the cast of:

Stage Directions/Flitwick… Matthew A. Schrader

Drink Ref/Hedwig… Andy Fitch

Harry Potter… Jibri Nuriddin

Hermione Granger… Billy Fenderson

Ronald Weasley… Leah Evans

Voldemort/Witch/George Weasley/Troll… Sonia Nam

Draco Malfoy… Olivia Wardwell

Neville Longbottom/James Potter/Percy Weasley… Meredith Brandt (debut!)

Headmaster Dumbledore/Man/Unicorn… Pedro Lee

Professor Snape/Snake… Jessika Stocker (debut)

Professor McGonagall aka Professor Cat/Boy… Nick Carrillo

Professor Quirrell/Griphook/Woman… Jerry Burgos

Hagrid… Jack Rokicki

Crabbe/Fang/Fred Weasley/Flint/Vernon… Kimberly Alu (debut)

Goyle/Trainmaster/Flint/Barkeep Tom/Lee Jordan/Hooch… Shamarah Hernandez (debut!)

Molly Weasley/Oliver Wood/Goblin/Seamus/Norbert the Dragon… Heather Jewels Booth

Ginny Weasley/Dudley/Mr Filch/Sir Nicholas/Firenze… Joel Shaughnessy

The Sorting Hat/Petunia/Ollivander/Lily Evans/Mrs Norris/Girl… Melissa Parker Caron

The wizarding world excitedly awaits your arrival THIS SATURDAY, January 25th!

Mentions: Show 11:30 PM. Tickets HERE. Improv Asylum NY is located at 307 W 26th Street, New York, NY 10001.

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