Quick Dish Quarantine: This Weekend SHOT4SHOT Presents “The Breakfast Club” & “Clue” Online

The 80s called and they want more screen time. Wish granted! This weekend join SHOT4SHOT for another amazing weekend of scripted Armory Comedy hilarity.

This Friday, August 28th your favorite drinking game with a movie problem takes on the 1985 coming-of-age flick The Breakfast Club. Bender, Claire, Andrew, Brian, Allison, and Principal Vernon are all showing up for detention as this classic is brought to life.

And the weekend gets even better because Saturday, August 29th the ensemble black comedy mystery film that turned a family board game into a deliciously quotable cult favorite gets the Shot4Shot treatment, as well. Whodunnit? Find out as more of your quarantine time is well spent!

Mentions: RSVP for The Breakfast Club show and Clue show at TheArmoryComedy@gmail.com. Find out about more upcoming Armory shows HERE.