Tasty News: Now Out Maria Bamford’s ‘YOU ARE (A COMEDY) SPECIAL’ Audible Original

If I was an “UPLOAD” afterlife customer, I would choose Maria Bamford as my overseeing angel. Luckily, I’m not quite ready to take the plunge to the other side, so I will have to be thoroughly satisfied with Maria’s new 15 step Audible Original “You Are (A Comedy) Special,” now out on Audible (and Audible Plus). You will be treated to 90 glorious minutes of hilarious material written and performed by Maria, her very own self. If you have not a clue who I am talking about, let me get you up to speed.

Maria was the first female comic to have 2 half-hour Comedy Central Presents Specials. She starred in a highly original, binge-able, semi-autobiographical Netflix comedy series Lady Dynamite, about a comic who suffers a nervous breakdown. She is the star of three unconventional hour-long standup specials: Weakness is the BrandOld Baby, and Maria Bamford, the special, special, special! She’s also responsible for a plethora of voiceover work, including filling voice roles on Big MouthBoJack HorsemanSummer Camp IslandAdventure TimeTalking Tom and FriendsBob’s BurgersLegend of KorraPuss in BootsCatDog, and PBS’s Emmy-winning series Word Girl.

Her quarantine appropriate “You Are (A Comedy) Special” is just the self-help stand-up guide to help you crack a smile when you are least motivated to even step out into the vitamin D rich sunshine. Yup, everyone will be getting stuff done after soaking in Maria’s practical words. Watch what Maria has to say about it below, then snatch that puppy right up!

Mentions: Listen now on Audible HERE. Link also at MariaBamford.com. Follow Maria on Instagram @mariabamfordcomedy, Twitter @mariabamfoo, and Facebook @mariabamford.