Video Licks: Allow FRIENDO Sketch to Glide You into The Weekend with “If Fall Guys Level Titles Had Voice Over”

Wow, I HAVE NOT been keeping up with my video gaming, of late. The massively multiplayer party game of 2020 seems to be Mediatonic’s Fall Guys. “Hordes of contestants together online in a mad dash through round after round of escalating chaos until one victor remains” sounds like a thing of nightmares, but it’s what the kids want! So is there anything this candy colored, blood lusting dash is in need of? FRIENDO Sketch’s latest dip in the comedy waters would suggest it’s some voice over magic. Watch and listen here to this voice over sample, developer pals, because your level titles could use some jooshing. Enjoy If Fall Guys Level Titles Had Voice Over! Hex-A-GOOOOONE!

Voice stylings provided by Marcelina Chavira. Idea and Edit by Brian Biancardi.

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