Tasty News: Audiobooks & Comedy Podcasting Merge with Blaze Mancillas’ “Let’s Get Lit” Premiering 10.7

Not only is it the day to learn about dachshund bobbleheads, but, more importantly, it’s “International Podcast Day.” So how are we celebrating the power of the podcast? By letting you know about a new one! Starting Wednesday, October 7th, Blaze Mancillas will merge the worlds of audiobooks and comedy podcasting, as he unleashes a new weekly podcast called LET’s GET LIT. Each week, Blaze will read a chapter from H.G. Wells 1898 Sci-Fi classic The War of the Worlds while comedians interrupt him with jokes, commentary, questions, and more hilarity. The novel will be read in it’s entirety, so listeners are encouraged to pick up a copy to follow along. Some of Mancillas’ guests will include Judah Friedlander, Josh Gondelman, Shalewa Sharpe, Anna Roisman, and Irene Tu. Chapter 4’s guest, Josh Gondelman, had this to say about the experience:

“It was such a joy to goof around with Blaze while hearing a snippet of a literary classic I’d convinced myself that I’ve read, but probably haven’t actually read!”

Host of the upcoming “Let’s Get Lit” podcast, Blaze Mancillas

For those unfamiliar with Mancillas‘ other work. The California born actor and stand up comedian was named one of the “Best of the Fest” at the Burbank Comedy Fest. He’s also played characters on TV and commercials, and even video games like Grand Theft Auto: V and Red Dead Redemption II. Recently, he was the host of the Webby Award Winning music trivia game show SongPop Live which happens to be broadcast to all mobile devices in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia. The first episode of Let’s Get Lit will feature Judah Friedlander. You can have a listen to the trailer below. Fingers crossed the space creatures don’t visit in 2020!

Mentions: Listen and subscribe to the pod HERE starting 10.7. Follow Blaze on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.