Quick Dish Quarantine: PICTURE THIS! Live from Home! 11.14 Online

Join your host Brandie Posey as PICTURE THIS! Live comes to your home this November. Some pre Thanksgiving entertainment is in order as we get closer and closer to the end of 2020. PICTURE THIS! is a live comedy show where stand-ups, voice actors and more perform while they are drawn live by some of the best animators, cartoonists, and other talented artists. The comedians do not know what the animators are drawing and, visa versa, the animators don’t know how the comics will react. The audience is the only one clued into all the madness. Saturday, November 14th, the participants will include

Comedy players

Langston Kerman

Irene Morales

Steph Tolev

Debra DiGiovanni


Irene Morales

Ashley Beccera

Craig Bartlett

Bryan Brinkman

Mike L. Mayfield

Don’t miss a minute of the fun at littlefieldnyc.com.

Mentions: 4pm PT/7pm ET. $10 at littlefieldnyc.com. 10% of the proceeds will benefit theĀ NIVA Emergency Relief Fund.