Video Licks: Watch Leaked Footage of the New Reading Rainbow c/o Friendboat

Actor LeVar Burton’s Kickstarter campaign for the new Reading Rainbow made a zillion dollars which means the beloved children’s educational program will be available on video game consoles, web and smart devices soon. This is a massive effort to bring reading to “”every child, everywhere”. No one has seen the revamped show yet, however Friendboat managed to leak this footage. Enjoy!

Friendboat is Ted Asbaghi, Alana Carithers, Dorian Cirillo-Murray, Andrew Fernandez, Laura Malone Hunt, Kay Kaanapu, Minhdzuy Khorami, Ritu Lal, Nick Luciano, Napoleon Ryan, Sarah Szloboda and John Wyatt.

Mentions: Watch more Friendboat sketches HERE. Good job watching Reading Rainbow because you just read this. Yay!