Quick Dish Quarantine: This Saturday 1.30 Comics NORMALIZE EVERYTHING About Mental Illness with Comedy

This Saturday, January 30th, join in a totally FREE Zoom comedy show featuring your favorite comedians whose parents have a mental illness. If you think about most of the words associated with mental illness, the majority are highly intimidating or downright off-putting… mad, crazy, maladjusted, neurotic, psychopathy, and it just gets worse from there. Often when the topic comes up in everyday conversation it’s brushed aside or discussed in whisper voices. With a funny and touching comedy show like NORMALIZE EVERYTHING, all the horrible stigma of mental illness will be brought out in the open with the aid of humor and knowledge. Yay! The show will be hosted by Atsuko Okatsuka and features comics

Valerie Tosi

Jibz Cameron

Katy French

Sadia Azmat

+ a Q&A with Byron Bowers

I feel like this is the moment you’d inject a “The More You Know” public service announcement, but that’s all I’ve got for you. Oh wait, a portion of the proceeds will benefit Painted Brain, an arts based mental health organization that hires and supports folks suffering from mental illness. Enjoy!

Mentions: Show 7pm EST. FREE. Register at Eventbrite.