Quick Dish Quarantine: This Weekend Enjoy SHOT4SHOT NYC as They Take on ‘The Incredibles’ and ‘Doolittle’

Quick Dish Quarantine: This Weekend Enjoy SHOT4SHOT NYC as They Take on ‘The Incredibles’ and ‘Doolittle’
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Every week the creative team at SHOT4SHOT NYC gets in gear to recreate popular movies, but they don’t just stop there. It is their duty to tack on a drinking game, and it goes without saying, going off-script to their heart’s content is imperative. This weekend the team will take on two children’s movies (which adults also happen to dig). Friday, they will present The Incredibles online. Yes, even the beloved animated superhero film is not off the table for the Shot4Shot gang. Looks like the “Superhero Relocation Program” couldn’t hide the Parr family from Shot4Shot’s clutches. The cast taking on the red-suited crusaders will include:

Stage Directions/Drink Ref… Amelia Morgan
Mr. Incredible aka Bob… Jessika Stocker
Elastigirl aka Helen… Matt Caron
Dash… Julia Darden
Violet… Ro Rotivo
Jack Jack/Priest/Thief… Sonia Nam
Buddy Pine/Incrediboy/Syndrome… Marcus Haugen
Mirage/Interviewer/Tony/Honey… Naomi Pitt
Edna Mode/Bernie/Rick… Leah Evans
Frozone aka Lucis/Mecha Mecaw Robot/Guard 2… Pedro Lee
Mrs. Hogenson/Officer/Rusty… Kayla Eisenberg**
Bomb Voyage/Principal/Kari/Underminer/Security Guard… Andy Fitch
Radio/Mr. Huph/Secretary/Guard 1/Announcer/Tablet… Nick Carrillo

Saturday, March 20th Shot4Shot will bring on the comedy with Dolittle. You may recall the stories of the physician who favors animals over human patients? I’m sure talking to the animals comes with it perks, but, Saturday, the humans are in control. The Shot4Shot cast tackling the animals’ best friend includes:

Stage Directions/Drink Ref… Frank Hoffman
Dolittle… Leah Evans
Tommy… Marissa Stuart
Polynesia… Heather Jewels Booth
Yoshi (aka John Cena for some reason)… Ryan Chittaphong
Chee-Chee… Andy Fitch
Plimpton the Ostrich… Sonia Nam
Mudfly/Betsy… Ro Rotivo
Jip/Humphrey… Emily Klopfer
Dab-Dab/Pirate… Sarah Kim
Rassouli/Lily/Aunt/Fly/Bishop/Queen Victoria… Nick Carrillo
Kevin/James/Octopus… Pedro Lee
Barry/Lord Badgley/Cousin/Mouse/Ant 1/Jeff… Julia Darden
Lady Rose/Tutu/Ant 2/Cub/Seaman/Don/Hare… Melissa Parker Caron
Uncle/Styx/Arthur/Elsie/Soldier/Flying Squirrel/Random Orangutan/Elliot/Whale/Dragon/Lad… Amelia Morgan


Mentions: Both shows 9:30pm. E-mail to watch. Follow the show on IG. Graphic by Pedro Lee See.