Quick Dish: Shark Week Just Got Even Better with RISE UP! Comedy TUESDAY 8/5

Hey, you’re already excited for SHARK (and Shart) WEEK. Well, it’s time to completely blow your little mind out of the water with some Rise UP! comedy. Tomorrow night at Three Clubs these comedy predators will be looking to entertain the life’s blood out of you:

Jamie Lee (Girl Code, Pete Holmes Show)
Eli Braden (The Howard Stern Show, Kimmel)
Chuck Sklar (Chris Rock Show, The Man Show)
Tom Carvey (Flappers, The Ventura Harbor Comedy Club)
Carl Kozlowski (Grown Ass Man Podcast, radiotitans.com)
Jann Karam (Letterman, Seinfeld)

hosted by Carla Cherry

You won’t even realize you’ve been bit until your spilling over with laughter. Support live comedy if you dare!

Mentions: Cue JAWS music. Show 8pm. FREE! Three Clubs is located at 1123 Vine St., Hollywood.