Quick Dish Quarantine: TONIGHT Join THE MOVIE QUIZ Live & Interactive Livestream

THE MOVIE QUIZ is a LIVE and interactive trivia show where the audience has a chance to win during several rounds of film trivia and puzzles. TONIGHT’S event will feature returning players Matthew Starr and Achilles Stamatelaky, brought to you by Chris Mann-Nelson. Viewers will be able to watch, play along, and even check the scores in real time. You can even play in virtual teams (which always heightens the competitive vibes). Come with your brains fully loads and, of course, NO CHEATING! More info below.

Mentions: Show LIVE 7pm ET. Play at play.themoviequiz.com. Follow the show on Twitch, Instagram, and Twitter to never miss a game! Remember, cheaters never prosper (except all the ones who do).