Video Licks: Binge ALL of BITTER HOMES AND GARDENS Season Two NOW

Video Licks: Binge ALL of BITTER HOMES AND GARDENS Season Two NOW
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Bitter Homes and Gardens Season 2 is out IN FULL today, so it’s time for some rejoicing. Make the week all the bearable with the series that makes your life look like smooth sailing. The series about a barely functional couple stars real-life married humans, Larry Clarke (Twin Peaks) and Fielding Edlow (BoJack Horseman). The two just can’t help being self-involved, overanxious, Hollywood types angling for some recognition and not afraid to be vocal with each other and everyone else around them. Fielding spends all her time podcasting with few fans, while Larry is busy getting “discovered” while trying to fulfill his “civic duty.”

Of course, the people the couple surround themself with are no better. There’s their naturally immune attorney (David Koechner) getting those cremation and “retroactive pre-nups” signed while standing a wee bit too close. The couple’s “Christian Bale of NextDoor” neighbor (played by Billy Gardell) can’t help bringing the social media meltdowns offline. And, of course, Fielding’s obsession with the fruit delivery guy (Chris Fairbanks) is alive and well. The cast also includes John Michael Higgins (Best in Show), Eric Edelstein (Drunk History), Madison Shepard, Christine Woods (Grace & Frankie), and Ahmed Bharoocha. Do yourself a favor and get to bingeing. We promise not to tell the boss as you “work from home.”

Mentions: Bitter Homes and Gardens Season 2 is streaming now on Youtube. Watch all 10 glorious episodes back to back because you are a busy go-getter who’s to privileged to wait! Follow the series HERE.