Quick Dish NY: CAGEMATCH 2121 Improv December 2nd at Asylum NYC

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Did you know there’s a Squid Game themed fidget Advent calendar complete with dalgona style umbrella? OF COURSE there is, because lessons come and go, but No. 001 needs lots of “member berries” to make that sequel a success! *pump in ominious Blue Danube music* If you want to help fight the overlord powers that be with some comedy games, come out to Asylum NYC Thursday, December 2nd for CAGEMATCH 2121. Look into the future, 2121 to be exact, where the world government has outlawed the only weapon potent enough to defeat the powers that be: LONG-FORM IMPROV. In the ashes of the Gristedes basement, the Rebellion hosts a tournament to find the only thing that can save us the world, THE PERFECT IMPROV TEAM! With a little blood, sweat and possibly tears, two improv teams (@brandedsilk and @godummycomedy) from the year 2021 all the way to the year 2121 will come up with that ultimate comedy weapon. The winner is decided by YOUR vote. YES, little old you can, finally, save the future of humankind! The Mugunghwa flower has bloomed

Mentions: Show 11pm ET. $12 tickets HERE. Location: Asylum NYC, 307 W 26th St, New York, NY 10001. Follow the show THERE.