Quick Dish NY: CAGEMATCH 2121 TOMORROW 12.16 at Asylum NYC

Quick Dish NY: CAGEMATCH 2121 TOMORROW 12.16 at Asylum NYC
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Every second week, CAGEMATCH 2121 brings two improv teams from the year 2021 all the way to the year 2121. Time travel, baby! The winner is ultimately decided by YOUR vote. This is your one chance to help the Rebellion find the ultimate comedy weapon, the perfect improv team. You see, in 2121 the world government has outlawed the only weapon strong enough to defeat them: LONG-FORM IMPROV. Yes, you read that correctly. In the ashes of the Gristedes basement, the Rebellion will host a tournament to save us from absolute tyranny! Your vote could save our world–AND OUR FUTURE!!! So what teams will be duking it out for our protection? Feast your eyes:

Loser Boy: Dana Patrice, Emily Keown, Deirdre Manning, Jordan McDonough John Racioppo


Go Dummy!: Will Braithwaite, Kylie Jones Fife, Jess Moukios, Sylvie Borschel, Lindsay McLaughlin, Tucker Iverson, Wander Boesjes, Jordan Betsch

Who’s got the right stuff? That will be up to YOU to decide at Asylum NYC TOMORROW. Enjoy!

Mentions: Show 11pm ET. Tickets $12. Location: Asylum NYC, 307 W. 26th Street, New York, NY 10001. Follow the show THERE.