Video Licks: Spend Your Valentine’s Solving The MRS. CARMODY & MRS. JELLINECK Mystery of “No Fugu for Yugu”

Cozy up with your honey this day of mutual interests for a new comedy murder mystery! This time your favorite investigative team of Mrs Carmody and Mrs Jellineck are mixing business with pleasure. Their pal, the Baroness Ipswich (Salme Geransar), is having a going away celebration, but there’s isn’t much to rejoice about when Jo The Cook (Jen Ray)’s Fugu dish ends the night’s cheer with poisonous outcomes. It’s a real whodunnit complete with aviophobia, missing organs, jewelry heists, and nefarious hypnosis! Binge parts one through three this Valentine’s Day because everyone hearts a deliciously silly mystery complete with tongue twisters! Enjoy NO FUGU FOR YUGU, written by, directed by, and starring Jeanne Taylor!

Mrs. Carmody & Mrs. Jellineck: No Fugu for Yugu  (Part 1)
(featuring Salme Geransar as Baroness Ipswich, Elizabeth Arends as Miss Pennigree, and Richard Sanderson as Dr. Kerns Eyesop): The Baroness’ bon voyage party ends in MURDER!

Mrs. Carmody & Mrs. Jellineck: No Fugu for Yugu  (Part 2)
(featuring Johnny Fujikawa)
The investigators are on the job trying to figure out if the cook is to blame in this unthinkable, fishy situation.

Mrs. Carmody & Mrs. Jellineck: No Fugu for Yugu (Part 3)
(featuring Tim Trobec)
Let’ be about it! It’s up to Mrs. Carmody and Mrs. Jellineck to get to the bottom of some twisted events involving hypnotic happening!

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