Quick Dish NY: INTERNET EXPLORERS Takes on The Tech CEOS TOMORROW 2.19 at Caveat

Whether they’re launching themselves into space with celebs, changing the world with a single tweet, or calling users “dumb f***s”, there’s one thing to be said for Tech CEOS, everyone is fascinated with them! TOMORROW at Caveat, you can get behind what making these super humans tick with INTERNET EXPLORERS. Comedians Mark Vigeant and Sam Reece will be joined by megabytes of comics and tech experts peeling back the layers of the most powerful people in the world. Questions that might be explored include:

How did they get so powerful?

Why do they all own so many fleece vests and black turtlenecks?

And why the hell does society keep idolizing them!?

It is only through “laughter, revelry, and utopian future technobabble” that answers to such questions will come to fruition. Oh, also these people could help: Freelance tech writer Ryan Broderick, Glitch CEO Anil Dash, and Squirrel Comedy Theatre founder Michael Hartney, and Astronomy Club’s Monique Moses. Surely, this bunch is up to the job?! Get into the know TOMORROW.

Mentions: Doors 6:30 PM, show 7:00 PM ET. Tickets $15 in advance, $20 at the door, $5 livestream. 21+. No outside food or drink allowed. All attendees must present proof of full vaccination to enter.