Video Licks: The Latest Installment of the Dress Up Gang’s ‘My Roommate, My Friend’ is Simply Sublime

Basketball, bad trips and dark thoughts fill the latest installment of The Dress Up Gang’s My Roommate, My Friend. This webseries pretty much speaks for itself so if you are into smart, kooky and touching stories this one is a MUST SEE. Enjoy Finding Frankie! (WARNING: NSFW cuz of the drugas)

The Dress Up Gang is a sketch group composed of funnymen Cory Loykasek, Donny Divanian, and Robb Boardman. According to YouTube

“Two of them were high school friends (we’re not going to tell you which two), and met the other (doesn’t matter which one) in SF a few years ago. The three instantly bonded and began making the very sketches that appear on this YouTube channel. Also, Cory and Donny are funny stand-up comedians but that’s neither here nor there.”

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