Quick Dish LA: DALIA MALEK Brings You A ‘Work in Progress’ Solo Show TOMORROW at Junior High

What’s that saying, “whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger?” Maybe, not the most uplifting aphorism, but definitely smacks of truth. (Hey, Nietzsche wasn’t exactly swimming in party guy material). From that expression, we can surmise that it is also OK to fail. In fact, if you don’t fail in life, you are probably a robot. Sure, even some of those go on to success running social media empires, but what was my point again? Oh yes, comedian DALIA MALEK (Interruption Show, Ground Floor, Comedy in English) will be using her experience with spectacular failure to prepare for a return to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for the 5th time this August. TOMORROW, March 25th at Junior High Los Angeles, you can watch the California-based stand-up with UK ties run through a solo hour of WORK in PROGRESS, which would have happened in 2020, but the universe, OF COURSE, had other plans. Malek finds “enlightenment can be silly and the gallows can be fun,” so it looks like there’s some dark humor on the menu, which is par for the course with the state of the world. Come enjoy some relatable humor from a performer who has delighted attendees of major clubs, theaters, and fests around the world!

Mentions: Show 8-10pm PT. $8 tickets HERE. Indoor event. 16+. Location: Junior High, Incorporated, 603 South Brand Boulevard, Glendale, CA 91204. Vaccination mandatory to attend Junior High events. Proof must be available upon request. Follow Dalia THERE.