Quick Dish Online: ZLURP ZLORP Interactive Science Fiction Comedy 4.2 on Twitch

The “main event” of the 2022 Oscars will be hard to top (and unsee), but science fiction knows no bounds! This Saturday, April 2nd, turn to ZLURP ZLORP for your livestreaming entertainment as the lo-fi sci-fi interactive game and variety show broadcasts from a hidden illegal satellite in the heart of Spooky Space Galaxy 17. Your hosts for the evening include the mysterious Maxima Von Metaverse and ever disarming Flarence, stage manged by mutant clone Blordo. These outer space guides will offer the onlooker the opportunity to decide what misadventures will ensue on the great galactic Zlurp Zlorp trail. There will also be celebrity interviews, musical performances, bizarre commercial interruptions, and plenty of games to be had. Just be aware that the stakes are extremely high for your alien and robot players! Gulp. Those Zlurp Zlorp games can be…deadly! Fulfill all your online interactive storytelling needs with the info below.

Mentions: Show 9pm EST ( every first Saturday of the month). This show is directed by Rachel Kerry and stars Hagen Marsh-Brown and Blaise Vacca with a rotating cast of actors and comedians. Follow Zlurp Zlorp on Twitch (https://www.twitch.tv/zlurpzlorp), Facebook (facebook.com/ZlurpZlorp), and Instagram (@zlurpzlorp).