Quick Dish NY: TOUR de JOE Improv Show 8.8 at Under St. Marks

Join your friendly neighborhood POTUS and all of his favorite comics Monday, August 8th at Under St. Marks as he hosts a comedy show, while simultaneously attempting to race a bike across the continental US. Don’t worry, there’s none of the sweat or strife that’s associated with a Tour de France. Phew! At the TOUR de JOE event, the well-known lover of biking and improv comedy will bring America together one laugh at a time through the power of hosting. Come join Joe as three teams of New York’s finest laugh makers perform improvised “Spokanes” as a nod to the spokes on Joe’s bike (that he swears he is accomplished at riding). Pinkie swear! The lineup will include:

Carolyn Egan, Fu Goto, Chandler Dean, Brandon Tzaris, Brendan Goggins, Erin Richardson, Sylvie Wang, Dillon Diatlo,Lane Koivu, Brandon Dzirko, Caroline Ulwick, Leslie Diana, Dan Moore, Betsy Helmer, Jess Moukios, & Andrew Barlow!

Now go pump those tires, secure that helmet, and join Joe on the this ride across America!

Mentions: Show 9pm ET. $7 streaming or $12 in-person tickets HERE. Location: Under St. Mark’s Theater, 94 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10009. Follow THERE for no particular reason. Feed the beast.