Quick Dish NY: SOUNDS GREAT! Show Tomorrow at Our Wicked Lady

Only Monday and you find yourself already pulling out your hair in frustration? Well, looks like you need a comedy pick-me-up! Join hosts Nora Jefferies and Paige Smith-Hogan for a brand new installment of SOUNDS GREAT! Nora and Paige will run through all the moments that have prompted them to say “sounds great” both genuinely and sarcastically. They will also hear from audience members sharing their own candid “sounds great” encounters. The lineup is always a mix of both rising and established performers ready to make you chuckle. The August show at Our Wicked Lady will feature the comedic voices of:

Alex Kumin (Comedy Central)

Kate Sisk (HBO’s Women in Comedy Festival)

Mic Nguyen (Asian, Not Asian)

Tim Kov (BAPHTA)

& Justin Catchens (Quality Time)!

Sounds like things are looking up! Enjoy!

Mentions: Show 8pm ET. FREE. Location: Our Wicked Lady,  153 Morgan Ave. Follow the show. Feed the beast.