Quick Dish NY: SAVAGE COMEDY This Wednesday 10.5 at Logan’s Run

Quick Dish NY: SAVAGE COMEDY This Wednesday 10.5 at Logan’s Run
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Saw Hellbound, the second Hellraiser movie, yesterday for the first time. Oh my, do Kirsty and Tiffany get a workout in this movie! Who needs cardio when you have cenobites, loosened skin Julia, and a Lament Configuration obsessed doctor to thwart. If you haven’t noticed, it’s October, kids! The mood has already changed for the better, so why not pump up the volume with some SAVAGE COMEDY. Hosts Lizzie Martinez (The Onion) and Melissa Rocha (Vulture) will, once again, be bringing you the best comics in the business for a price that has zero pain on the pocketbook. This week’s lineup includes:

Ismael Loutfi (Comedy Central, Kimmel)

Doug Smith (Conan, Corden)

Sheria Mattis (Netflix Is a Joke)

Maria deCotis (Comedy Central)

and Maria Wojciechowski (Seriously.TV)!

Get savage with your comedy and RSVP for the FREE drink giveaways! “Others have been here before us and have left us signs, but we, as explorers of the mind, must devote our lives and energies to going further to tread the unknown corridors in order to find ultimately, the final solution.” Was Dr. Channard secretly yearning to be a comic? Talk amongst yourselves.

Mentions: Show 8pm ET.  $FREE$RSVP for drink giveaway. Location: Logan’s Run, 375a 5th Ave, Brooklyn. Follow the showFeed the beast.