Tasty News: TENACIOUS D’s Audible Original ‘The Road to Redunktion’ Out Now to Listen for FREE

Comedy rock legends, Tenacious D, have their Audible Original comedy album now available to listen for FREE on, surprise, surprise, Audible! The Road to Redunktion, Volume 29 of the Audible Original ‘Words + Music’ Series features storytelling from Jack Black and Kyle Gass, “covering 30 years of never before heard archival audio, which brings to life every anecdote with a docu-quality that places listeners right in the period the artists are reflecting.” The intro, read by universe of Tenacious D regular, PaulFerrigno” Tompkins, says it best,

What you are about to hear is the never-before-told true story of Tenacious D, astonishing well-written and hilariously delivered, by two seasoned professionals at the top of their craft. I knew they were legendary rockers but, MAN ALIVE, I had no fucking idea they were the best authors in the world…

Take a listen to a clip relaying how they chose their catchy moniker to get your week off to a flying start. Enjoy!

Mentions: Listen to The Road to Redunktion for FREE on Audible HERE. More rock duo info THERE. Feed the Cenobite.