Quick Dish Online: BRIAN POSEHN’S New Stand-Up Special “Posehna Non Grata” Streams TONIGHT on Moment

BRIAN POSEHN is heavy metal nerd to his core and his many, may I deem, AWESOME passions have fueled his brand of comedy. One of the original members of the Comedians of Comedy, Posehn has released two half hour specials for Comedy Central, four comedy albums and three hour long specials – The FartistCriminally Posehn and 25 X 2. His new hour special, Posehna Non Grata is “silly, dry, absurd, super self-deprecating, full of nerdy references, relatable and always hilarious.” Recorded in the famous Beat Kitchen in a packed room of Chicago fans, Brian tackle his love of “food delivery apps, his quest to speak German, how he favors one of his dogs…and how using a Target bathroom (twice) united him with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.” Teaser below.

In the last several years Posehn has produced and hosted the D&D comedy podcast, Nerd Poker, and co-write 45 issues of the best-selling Marvel comic book series Deadpool. In 2018 he released his first book, Forever Nerdy. In 2019, he completed a comedy metal album Grandpa Metal, featuring metal legends from Anthrax, Dethklok, Slayer and Soundgarden. He’s currently co- creating and starring in an upcoming cartoon for Nickelodeon with Fall Out Boy’s Joe Trohman. Brian was an NSA intern on TruTV’s Top Secret Videos. You can also catch Brian on everyone’s favorite Star Wars show The Mandalorian, the acclaimed Netflix show Lady Dynamite, FX’s You’re The Worst and in his recurring roles on The Big Bang Theory and New Girl. He was one of the stars of Comedy Central’s popular show The Sarah Silverman Program. He has also appeared on such seminal sitcoms as Seinfeld, NewsRadio, Everybody Loves Raymond, Friends, The Neighborhood and had a recurring role on Just Shoot Me. Enough credits! Check out the new album TONIGHT on Moment and, remember, no droids!

Mentions: Show 6pm PST. Moment event tickets HERE. More Posehn info THERE. Feed the beast.