Quick Dish NY: ARTI GOLLAPUDI ‘Lackadaisical Loser’ Solo Show 12.22 at Joe’s Pub

THIS Thursday, December 22nd, entertainer ARTI GOLLAPUDI (Forbes, HuffPost, Bustle) will be performing the second and final (for now) iteration of the solo show Lackadaisical Loser. Consider the event a multimedia show that melds comedy, poetry, and music to explore moving through depression, grief, and failure using humor and hope. Couldn’t be a more perfect time for that! The show will be hosted by comedian and songwriter Marcia Belsky (TedTalk, Fire Island, BBC, NPR) with musical accompaniment by Canteen Killa, and Talk Bazaar. Grab up those tickets today, peeps!

Mentions: Show 9pm ET. Tickets $15 online(just $10 with code LOSER10). Location: Joe’s Pub – The Public Theater, 425 Lafayette Street (at Astor Place), New York, NY 10003. Follow Arti. Feed the beast.